Business consulting


Companies need to adapt to economic and market circumstances, which is why they need to know how to adapt through the most appropriate processes.

Taking advantage of Law 3/2009, on structural modifications of commercial companies, we adapt the need for mergers, spin-offs, non-monetary contributions, exchange of securities, etc. to restructure companies with minimal tax cost.

The need to make decisions on dissolution, liquidation, bankruptcy must be carried out in an orderly manner to avoid liability.

Succession planning

Generational change is one of the factors that can jeopardize the continuity of the company, knowing how to plan and organize it in time is essential.

Carrying out an appropriate family protocol can, in many cases, save the continuity of the business. Leaving the succession of the company in the hands of chance or at the last moment is not the best way to act.

Buy and sell

At any time, you may want to buy a business or even sell it. This process requires specific advice that must be left in the hands of a team of professionals who know the different legal, economic and business fields.

We carry out an appropriate corporate presentation to be able to carry out a better presentation of the company to obtain potential interested investors (dossiers, videos, presentations, etc.)